Monday, May 4, 2015

Disney World 2015 Advance Diner Reservations

Disney Advance Diner Reservations..

OMG. May 19th can't come fast enough. May 19th is our 180 day mark when we can make our Advance Diner Reservations (ADR's). Every year, my mom and I eat at our favorite restaurants and save 1 day for a new restaurant.. So far I have every Table Service scheduled already so when May 19th comes I'm ready!
November 15- Captain's Grill
Located at the Yacht Club, this was our new restaurant last year and I loved it. Last year I
had the crab cakes which were really good. 95% crab and just a little filler.
The dessert was really good.

November 16 - Planet Hollywood
One of my favorites located in Downtown Disney Springs. It has American Style Foods. The last time I was here was May 2014. We went with friends. I had ribs. They gave me like 12 HUGE ribs. I probably had 1/2 of it. Then
my mom and I Split dessert.

Nov 17 - Cape May Dinner Buffet
This is our new restaurant this year. It's at the Beach club, which is next to the Yacht Club. It's a Sea Food buffet but it has a lot of non-seafood for those who don't like seafood (such as my mom). I'm looking forward to this mostly for the desserts. I can't remember when we did a buffet last at Disney. lol.

November 18th - Via Napoli
Located in the Italy Pavilion, in Epcot. This is an italian restaurant with killer zappoli's
for dessert. This mostly has a lot of pizza dishes and pasta... some seafood.

November 19th - Raglan Road.
An Irish restaurant located Downtown Disney. Last time I went here, I had
a stomach ache from a pina colada that wasn't good so I didn't eat much. But they
have the best bread pudding...ever.

That's it for our ADR's unless we decide to cancel one or can't get into one of them.
In which case I will update this blog when I make my Fast pass selections.

One disappointments already is that the Liberty Tree Tavern will be closed
for refurbishment. Oh Gosh. They have the best Ooy gooy toffee cake that is
to die for. lol.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Disney 2015

Disney World 2015

So this week went by rather quickly. On Monday April 26th my mom and I booked our 2015 trip to Walt Disney favorite place on earth. We booked it for the 3rd week of November, our usual week. I wanted the 2nd week but it was already booked! 

We reserved our "home" resort of Pop Century for 6 days 5 nights (Nov 15-20th. So exciting, but it already has caused a little conflict.

Get this... I went for a job interview this week for a grocery store that is set to open at the end of May. I thought I would go & get a job in order to pay for Disney and more. I think they "might" have hired me on the spot if it wasn't for two things...1.) Lack of experience as a cashier and 2.) the trip. 

They were trying to offer me the bagging position instead of cashier. The lady asked "Would you be more comfortable bagging?" I declined and stated I would love the cashier job. But nope. Also I mentioned my vacation to let them know in advance instead of surprising them. They stated the 3rd week is the busiest and would have to get back to me today (May 2nd) which never happened. 

I hate this. First off, how do I get experience as a cashier if no one will hire me? It's like the infiniate question; I can't get a job because I didn't go to school, I didn't go to school because I have no money...I have no money because I can't a job etc. It sucks. if they do call tomorrow (or Monday) I'm going to decline. I don't need to work for a company who is more prone on trying to make themselves look better instead of hiring people who need a job. BS. (Sorry I'm angry).
(Sorry to get off topic)

I can't believe how fast these days are flying by. May 19th... Remember that date. May 19th is the 180 day mark which is when I can make my Advance Dining Reservations (ADR's).

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Disney Dining Plan: Tips

Disney Dining Tips

My mom and I have been going to Disney yearly since 2005. We always stay on property and get the Basic Dining Plan. The dining plan has changed over the years. Some for the better and some for the worse. I have a few tips on how to get the most out of the Basic Dining Plan.
on the basic dining plan, we get 1 quick service (QS) 1 Snack (S) and 1 Table Service (TS).

Arrival Tips:
We save 2 QS the first day to use on the last day by bringing something home-made. Our flights are usually in the morning and get in by noon. So we eat the home-made item (usually a sandwich) for lunch at the resort before we go to the parks.
Saving 1 QS per person on the first day, allows us to have food on the last day we are there. Depending on if we have left over food from our TS we eat that for breakfast the last day, and therefore we have 1 QS per person for lunch before we leave.
Restaurants that require 1 or 2 TS per person
Majority of the restaurants at the parks/hotels/downtown only require 1 TS per person and then there are some that require 2 TS per person. After experiencing a bad experience with a restaurant that requires 2 TS we only go to the restaurants that only require 1. We realized that what the 2 TS restaurant serves we can find at another restaurant that only requires 1. It's either the same or very similar. Like most restaurants serve Steak or chicken. Why use 2 TS for a steak that you can get somewhere for 1 TS?

With all dining plans you get snacks. The basic only has 1 per person per day. The snacks can consist of liquid (what a waste), fruit (if you are watching what you eat), and ice cream and more. We usually have left over snacks because the snacks can be huge, and 1 snack can service 2 people like funnel cake at Sleepy Hallow in Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios. The snacks you save you can use for a bag of popcorn from the gift store for the plan ride home or you can eat them at home to remember your trip. We don't use our snack credits for liquids.

Quick Service TIPS
In the morning we eat our quick service at the resort and it comes with either a cup to fill for coffee/tea or a bottle  of water/soda. Since Dining plans come with a refill cup per person, it's more ideal to op for the bottle of liquid then to fill a cup for coffee/tea, since you can use your refill cup for coffee/tea/soda. That way you can save the bottle of liquid for the parks in between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner if someone gets thirsty. Many restaurants and carts will give you a cup of ice if you ask.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Hey guys!
Sorry that I haven't updated this blog in a while. I have been busy with different things.
I wanted to write this post about a negative experience we have had with a website called "Junkables," which is a site for selling antiques.

Do NOT buy anything off Junkables. It is a SCAM website, only to take your hard earned cash.
We saw 3 Disney magazines upon that website that we paid for via pay pal on the 13th and have yet to receive them....(it's October 25th). We have emailed the seller 2x via email and 1x via a contact form on Junkables and never received a response.

So, after giving this seller... oops wrong word, scammer, ample amount of time to email us back we contacted Junkable's support team at 2-3 different websites and yet we did NOT get a response. We emailed them about the seller and heard nothing back. Apparently Junkables is a Fraud website only to gain your hard earned cash.
The worst part of it, after we paid for the item, the seller puts them BACK on the website under a new link for even more money. SCAMMER....
I wish there was someone to email to shut down this fraudulant website. If anyone has any tips on how to do so, we would really appreciate.

So please DO NOT shop on Because that's just what the website is....JUNK. 

Thrift Stores & Disney Stores/Outlets

I know it has been a while since my last post. These days I have been going to my local shopping malls and thrift stores. I will start this blog with my latest thrift store finding(s). 

Yesterday 02-26-2015 I stopped at a local thrift store to look and this bag appeared on a bag rack: 

I remember when I saw it at our Disney Resort (Pop Century) and liking the Design. I was really wanting the bigger bag but I got this because of the price. The price at Disney is $14-$20.00 but I got it for $1.50! I couldn't believe the price. It's practically new but without the tags and in great condition. I wonder why anyone would give away such an awesome bag. I also was thrilled it wasn't in the "window sale." I hate Window Sales.

I have also been going to my Disney Outlet stores and regular Disney stores this week. I bought 4 plushes called Tsum Tsum (also an addicting game for phones/ipad/ipod).

The 3 with the beards are Dwarfs from Snow white and the green alien is from Toy Story. They are on sale these days. My collection consists now of: Stitch, Minnie and Mickey, Lotso, and Bullseye, these 3 dwarfs and the alien...9 altogether. I really want to get Chip and Dale. 

The last thing I will talk about is Vinylmation. They are cute little figures Disney has to buy and trade (only at stores now). I have about 60-100 figures and went to trade yesterday 02-26-2015 and they actually had a few good ones. They had the Doberman from "up" from the Pixar/Animation Series, Prince Charming from Cinderella series and this guy:

He's called Nautilus from Park 8 Series. He's based on the ship (or sub) from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea which was once an attraction at Disney World in 1971 (now the location is Seven Dwarf Mine Train. I was thrilled when I saw him. I traded a figure from Toy Story Series that I had duplicate of. He was a bit dirty but I cleaned him with a Magic Eraser.

You have to be careful when cleaning Vinylmation with Magic Eraser because it will take off the original paint. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!
First off, I would like to say Happy New Years! This year (2015) marks 10 years since I graduated high school. I highly doubt anyone from my class is going to take the time, effort or $$ to put together a reunion. Even if they do, I won't go.

Secondly, I apologize for not updating this site as much as I hoped I would. I did have a recent Disney World trip in November that was just my mom and I. The weather there was cold and it was more crowded than usual because people took advantage of the free dining like we did.

I did find some great stuff in the thrift stores. In early November I found this:

It's the complete series of Fraggle Rock on DVD...and it was only $0.75! Only 1 Disc is missing and it's the bonus feature disc, but I don't really care. At least the entire Series is there. It's the 25th Anniversary edition as well.

Then in late November, early December I found a Mickey Mouse tote, a Disney World wedding album, and wedding Minnie ears.

Then this past week I found this cute Mickey decor for only $1.00:

Other than that n2m is going on. I have made a lot of resolutions this year. Lose weight, be more organized and clean, drink less soda and cut back on fast food.

Another resolution I just made today was to not go on any forums anymore such as There is too much drama, because people make a big thing out of nothing. It's really sad.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Disney Craft: Mickey Terracotta Pots

Mickey Terracotta Pots

So, hello again. This time, I'm here to update you on one of my recent arts and crafts. On Saturday I found 5 mini terracotta pots for approximately $1.25 for all of them. Pretty good deal. When I first bought them I had one thing in mind...Mickey Mouse. Then it went from just Mickey to the Fab Five where I would paint: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto. But then the idea went back to Mickey.

Here are the pots before I painted them:

 On the way home from the thrift store I stopped at Joann's to pick up a coating for the paint to save it. At first I was just thinking of using mod podge but then I realized Mod podge might not work. I picked up varnish in the paint section for only $4.00 (after using a 60% off coupon)
The painting took a while because I messed up on the top part and had to scrub them clean with alcohol, very messy and smelly.

Then I got them painted right, let them dry. At first I was trying to paint Mickey's buttons on. But it didn't look great. So I repainted the section red and added 2-3 coats of varnish. Then I noticed I had white buttons... Hmmm.

This is what the post look like NOW:

What do you think? (Comments Welcomed)